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Deaths’ sting..

Published January 11, 2023 by lamarrwenrich

so painful it’s dangerous
the wound is poison
absorbing my heart..
lingering on
black clouds shadowing me
Insidious hands boxing me in
falling apart
truths that shatter my heart..
bruised skin
battered mind
you won’t win
standing at the edge of the abyss
it’s you I miss..
I feel you
I hear you
I taste you..
starting to live again
there you are
in the middle of the day
in the middle of the night
letting me know it’ll be alright..
no more sorrow
no regrets
letting go
death has lost its’ sting
my heart will sing..


Published November 18, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

empty without you
heart beats slower
feet stuck in place
sinking lower
looking for your face..
want you so bad
hard to believe
frozen in time
in this space
looking for moments that make you mine..
I’m here to stay
won’t let you go away
though the earth swallowed all that remained
scared you’ll forget about me
don’t let me be erased
trying to embrace a world
without we
because you’ve been set free..

My tomb..

Published October 10, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

mixed in the madness
made a perfect mess
who could have guessed..
blinded happily I couldn’t taste death..
following your footsteps
thought I passed the test..
the sun was shining brightly
calling me through and through
yet the dark cold was coming
somehow I never knew..
falling deeper and deeper
despair has had its’ way
I do not fear the reaper
I know he’s here to stay..
it’s life that cuts like a knife
With all its’ strife..
I’ll see again
feel again
reveling as I’m whole
death does not separate
united is my goal..

Drifting away..

Published October 17, 2019 by lamarrwenrich
words now elude me
It’s just not the same..
I scream out your name 
to the silence reverberating the emptiness of pain..
my mind lost in time 
searching for the place that was once mine..
i took your hands 
we joined life 
together we faced all its’ strife..
I feel you here 

yet you’re no where near.. 
I quietly watch as you subside 
You are the one my heart can’t hide..
Uniquely you 
A recipe of our own 
we honed to share..
You heighten my senses 
awaken my core 
my soul is fighting strong to belong once more..
with each breath you breathe 
I grieve..
for I know what I know 
as you slowly drift away.. 
The kindest love is letting you go..
will I stand 
Will I sink 
as I slip to the brink 
when your fingers loosen mine for the very last time..

My Toxin..

Published April 5, 2018 by lamarrwenrich


inhaling, swallowing , absorbing you

your taste ever so lethal..

I slip away

I fly high

I fall apart

The pain I hide in dissipates..

Do you know I’m gone

Do you feel it in your bones..

I’m free

As they bury me eight feet deep..

with me goes the hurt &

the lies as i mix in with the dirt..

leaving me be

all my secrets

all my fears

have been set free..

Walk away and know –

I’m as happy as I’ll ever be as i go..

You are the only one don’t you know..

after life dies..

Published October 19, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


It’s me

wanting the old – facing the new

wishing you were anywhere but gone..

Beginnings.. endings..

is there a difference when our beings are connected..

even after life dies

I keep learning about you..

like waking up to the smell of childhood

every sense touched

until I’m flooded with memories that make me whole..

What do I love about you..

To begin with –


you completed me – tying up my loose ends – filling me &

making me whole..

Though we tend to eat with our eyes

It is our soul that craves the nutrients

you taught me what really matters forever more..

With a concentrated effort

i’ll sync with you

finding your rhythm as life keeps changing –

I’ll hold tight

in a world that’s always moving and filled with hearts that grow cold from weariness..

you will

Warm my bones

as i move into

fresh starts of old..

One more time..

Published April 11, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


How do I stand at the abyss and not fall in..
the nightmare a reality
They need me to stay strong..
How do I keep my heart from giving in
It feels what my eyes see
It hears the violent truths my ears hear
It can’t escape what my mind can’t fathom..
I’m haunted
This space can’t exist without you
my walls will come tumbling down
Crushing me
Who will save me if I can’t save you
my heart is so weary
How do I protect you
Keep the chains of pain away from you
my heart runs cold from fear..
My eyes will close with yours
So I can see your smile
Hear your giggles
Feel those little hands reaching out and touching me
my heart needs yours..
maybe one day I’ll breathe again
maybe not
What I’d give to breath your air for a lifetime..



Alive in You

Published December 11, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


In the quietude, my words are loud clear crisp
they have taken flight through the eyes of which they live
speaking what they see
my true voice alive in you
My inner strength has come to be
I’m moving onward in the stillness
Knowing only I can help you
battle the pain within
You will see
you will understand
The space between us will be no more
I may exist in another time
We may never speak again
The absence of us may feel it’s swallowing you up
For I’ve disappeared..
but my heart will never change
No matter how kind or unkind life was to us
We will always be
you are in me and I am in you
A love absorbed into my Heart mind and soul
traipses through me and allows me to keep living in you in the most beautiful of ways..
I am right here, right there
I’m everywhere
I’ll always be in the air around you
An eternal part of you
I’ll always be your whisper
It is ok to let me go..


More than Me

Published August 16, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Yesterday no more..
Death has been my constant companion for many a days now
flirting with my mind
taunting me
Trying to spin around me like a spider webbing his victim..
cloaking me with fear
I battle through
Death won’t take me
It shakes me
It wakes me
But will never break me..
Death can’t own me
I’ve been set free
I’ll face my trepidations with courage for I know I’ll grow..
understanding not all things are easy to accept
while some things are worth dying for..
I have no control so I’m letting go
I’m not behind me
nor in front
I’m right here right now – in the present – this is the moment that counts
I will live it like I mean it while I can
because life is more than me..