More than Me

Published August 16, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Yesterday no more..
Death has been my constant companion for many a days now
flirting with my mind
taunting me
Trying to spin around me like a spider webbing his victim..
cloaking me with fear
I battle through
Death won’t take me
It shakes me
It wakes me
But will never break me..
Death can’t own me
I’ve been set free
I’ll face my trepidations with courage for I know I’ll grow..
understanding not all things are easy to accept
while some things are worth dying for..
I have no control so I’m letting go
I’m not behind me
nor in front
I’m right here right now – in the present – this is the moment that counts
I will live it like I mean it while I can
because life is more than me..


10 comments on “More than Me

  • I pray for your husband and also you, my dear sister! Many times when I was I’ll there always was a blossoming of inner love which comes from God when we need our spirits and hearts to be stronger, often we help another close to us and their family, but at other times we are the ones in need. Here is a poem I will share tonight on my blog site tonight. But I am sharing it with both of your first…God is with you always as you stand together as one in love.

    Blossoming Spirits

    Your spiritual gifts will surely blossom
    Deep down within us very wholesomely
    Its lasting power will truly refresh us
    As it fills our hearts with limitless energy

    It awakens our minds with tender embraces
    Filling us with a natural high so heavenly
    Allowing one to view the morning’s true beauty
    As we awaken daily with the greatest of needs

    We will find ourselves humbly asking you Lord
    That in our hearts we might be allowed to share
    Your love to many others who might come seeking
    The spiritual beauty which in their lives appears

    For we who love You deeply within our hearts
    Have a burning desire which shall never die
    As we share Your blossoming love with another
    Causing a healing within them to come more alive.

    Always in my prayers, you and your family!

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