Numb no more..

Published August 23, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Tender whispers of love thundering through me
I hear it trying to break through
Tears rolling gently down my face as they silently splash the floor..
There is no anger, no rush, no push, nor condemnation in these emotions.. Just the sweetest tug of assurance that life is awaiting..
encouraging me to leave behind the fear that binds and chokes so tightly
The whispers & tears delicately wrapping around me ever so tenderly
determined to draw me back into life
Until they uncover my heart from the dark shadows that have numbed it..


4 comments on “Numb no more..

  • Teardrops do help to make fear end its life of being an obstacle…outstanding! Your poem made me think of one, have a wonderful weekend, and I will visit you more often as I miss joy your words bring.


    A soft word is spoken
    A fire does rise

    An even softer smile
    Brings a heart to life

    A look of need
    From embracing eyes

    Renews a fire deep within
    For a new beginning to rise.


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