Broken Mind

Published August 29, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


clenching so tight her hands hurt
every muscle tense as perspiration bubbled on her soft pale skin
she gasped, as she realized the battle was done
The long hard struggle was no more..
Breathing in deeply, she fell to her knees collapsing in tears..
Her tired mind no longer racing, the turmoil silenced..
She tried putting thoughts together;
wondering how she’d ever breathe again..
She wanted to
She wanted to try but all she could do was cry
She told herself to move, to leave it all behind
But without him, there was no place to go..
She couldn’t fathom the unthinkable
The dark night beckoned her with promises untold
Closing her eyes, her hands fell open as her face softened..
Her soul gave way to the dark night
What had begun was done..


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