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Published December 14, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

slipping, sliding
into the mess it’s become..
mental, emotional
confusion at best
a crime to my being
you know the rest
lunging at your core
it’s mine to score..
giving up rights
to keep you in sight..
eyesight is failing
can’t see straight anymore
a heart is left wailing..
who could have guessed
love clutches hate
leaving the loudest quiet in
its’ wake..
heart left groping..

love’s fickle thorn..

Published December 4, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

lover of my heart
magnet to my soul
what began on that
unsuspecting day takes a toll..
a simple hello was all that was told
pushing me to the depths of the unknown..
unaware without a care
to blissful to be afraid
And a life of its’ own ran away
from the home I’ve always known
creating a love story with no roots to grow..
lost a part of me that day
finding its’ way into your soul
leaving me floundering
with no where to go..
my steps are growing me
double edged sword
my just reward..

If it bleeds..

Published October 15, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

Your secrets are my secrets
left to be told
Open me wide
Let’s be bold..
You picked me
groomed me
Shaped me your own
loneliness calling
you made us a home..
the chasm keeps spreading
a mind of its’ own
bleeding out slowly
no way to be won..
you keep reaching, stretching because you care
now you can rest
there’s so little there..
though we are rattled
I won’t stop the battle
the end is coming
no way to undo the damage
it’s done…

Fairy Dust…

Published February 5, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

I loved you before I knew what it was

My heart calling out before I could verbalize your name..

Walking toward you before I understood you existed

A longing – I felt

a yearning – I taste

a reckoning of the soul to be made whole..

It beckons me..

I envy the peace of the dead

The quiet in the head-

one I’ve never known..

They want me to hold on

Feel the heartbeat – don’t give in to defeat..

My beginning never got to start

Now I ask you – put me in the ground

Let me end where I began

I can’t exist in this magical land

Let me be the fairy dust in your hand.

Hail to Me

Published January 7, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

Lips are moving

I can’t hear you

Heart is beating

I can’t feel you

shielded in,

Covered, protected

so well guarded..

all smiles tucked away for another day..

Never to light my face again..

Not a dimple, not a twinkle

No not even a sliver

Least the house of cards come crashing down..

Fire away &

Stand back

The ricochet will slam you hard..

The holes you feel and see are me disappearing

never to be seen again

the decay of you & me is all I see

A chapel built around the image of we..

No longer what we were once meant to be..

broken down – on my hands and knees..

Let’s set our hearts free

reach for me please..

Broken Mind

Published August 29, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


clenching so tight her hands hurt
every muscle tense as perspiration bubbled on her soft pale skin
she gasped, as she realized the battle was done
The long hard struggle was no more..
Breathing in deeply, she fell to her knees collapsing in tears..
Her tired mind no longer racing, the turmoil silenced..
She tried putting thoughts together;
wondering how she’d ever breathe again..
She wanted to
She wanted to try but all she could do was cry
She told herself to move, to leave it all behind
But without him, there was no place to go..
She couldn’t fathom the unthinkable
The dark night beckoned her with promises untold
Closing her eyes, her hands fell open as her face softened..
Her soul gave way to the dark night
What had begun was done..


Mad Hope

Published April 8, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Self destruction..
Pain unleashed like no other..
every word a strike to her raw nerves
Every fiber of her being exposed.. Rotting from the inside out..
Tweaked Love wrapped in hate sadness anger
ripping its’ way through her heart..
Decaying slowly
Nobody sees, nobody knows the depth of misery she trudges through
The light in her eyes turned off leaving her to live in the shadows of what was..
Dark skies all around as she grasps about looking to find herself
He loved her till she was no more..
Too caught up, to blind to see she was living in his debris
Her tired heart still beats for him
as if she never knew that
Loving him was the beginning of the end..