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Orphaned Heart..

Published March 26, 2018 by lamarrwenrich

Beautiful trauma

what have we done..

How do we stop what has begun..

So bright on fire is our love..

So high on life we live above..

The highest highs lifting us up

Until our cup overflows with the sweetest of love..

something dark has taken control

sorrow has invaded into our soul

overshadowing the light we know..

I’m lost and rambling as I roam-

crying out is my love, as it desperately seeks to bring you home..

Desolate and all alone..

My heart soars and shatters simultaneously

certain I’ll find you –

yet, sure I’m on my own

With no place to call home..

deprived – abandoned

we are now dead..

I hope to survive with you in my head..

Mad Hope

Published April 8, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Self destruction..
Pain unleashed like no other..
every word a strike to her raw nerves
Every fiber of her being exposed.. Rotting from the inside out..
Tweaked Love wrapped in hate sadness anger
ripping its’ way through her heart..
Decaying slowly
Nobody sees, nobody knows the depth of misery she trudges through
The light in her eyes turned off leaving her to live in the shadows of what was..
Dark skies all around as she grasps about looking to find herself
He loved her till she was no more..
Too caught up, to blind to see she was living in his debris
Her tired heart still beats for him
as if she never knew that
Loving him was the beginning of the end..



Published March 6, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


I’ve lost my way
Such sorrow.. like I’ve never known..
no Goodness rightness or kindness on this path
Only madness
Was I right to set you free
No.. says my soul
It hasn’t let you go..
This despair suffocating me.. deeper & deeper it goes..
Choking me out
Why did i listen
Hurts to know I caused such agony
No one sees through my eyes as i do
And oh how clearly I see
I needed you then
I need you now
It brings me to my knees..
On my own
and So alone
Let me fall back into you
Let’s start anew
I’ll erase the hurt for both me&you
All I need is your hand in mine
I’ll slip back in
Love you up
Skin on skin deep within
Soft and warm
Let me in
Find me back to you