Published March 6, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


I’ve lost my way
Such sorrow.. like I’ve never known..
no Goodness rightness or kindness on this path
Only madness
Was I right to set you free
No.. says my soul
It hasn’t let you go..
This despair suffocating me.. deeper & deeper it goes..
Choking me out
Why did i listen
Hurts to know I caused such agony
No one sees through my eyes as i do
And oh how clearly I see
I needed you then
I need you now
It brings me to my knees..
On my own
and So alone
Let me fall back into you
Let’s start anew
I’ll erase the hurt for both me&you
All I need is your hand in mine
I’ll slip back in
Love you up
Skin on skin deep within
Soft and warm
Let me in
Find me back to you


6 comments on “Broken

  • Let me fall back into you, lets start anew…so very inspiring, it brings some words to life with their elegance…

    So lovely are the words you write
    Which inspire hearts each day
    Meaningful are their embraces
    Which simply takes breath away

    So beautiful is each new beginning
    When one can feel your hearts light
    As love opens up a waiting heart
    Knowing with your word all is right.


    So nice to be able to embrace your thoughts. Have a very blessed day!

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