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My tomb..

Published October 10, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

mixed in the madness
made a perfect mess
who could have guessed..
blinded happily I couldn’t taste death..
following your footsteps
thought I passed the test..
the sun was shining brightly
calling me through and through
yet the dark cold was coming
somehow I never knew..
falling deeper and deeper
despair has had its’ way
I do not fear the reaper
I know he’s here to stay..
it’s life that cuts like a knife
With all its’ strife..
I’ll see again
feel again
reveling as I’m whole
death does not separate
united is my goal..

Forget me not..

Published July 26, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

Reaching out to touch you
my hands fall through empty space
only in my mind
as it rewinds are you there..
Is there a simple place of space left for us anymore..
every day I fall for you
I call for you
someone I once knew
my heart true to the love we grew…
we’ve walked many a miles
traipsing through it all
with hearts of smiles..
I don’t want to miss you anymore
can’t fight the tears
Or the truth that wears..
reach out to me once again
hands touching
fingers intertwining
unwinding the pain
nothing left to gain..
everything is meant to be broken
in the unspoken
don’t forget who I am…

I’ll never forget…

Published June 8, 2018 by lamarrwenrich


despair, grief

Melancholy woes,

such sadness has invaded my soul..

I cannot see through it

I’m no longer whole

I am numb

my mind has come undone..

I no longer feel

it’s all so unreal..

someone wake me

Shake me from this grief that has caused me to lose myself..

feet moving, arms hugging,

eyes wearily watching life that somehow keeps living..

sounds I don’t recognize escaping my mouth..

It is in the real – the now

So afraid of forgetting you

and somehow so afraid I’ll never be able to let you go..

Words we spoke

Plans we made..

a bonding of our hearts

words filling me with hope..

I’ll continue to dream

I’ll never let them die

I’ll release them to the sky..


I can love you and still say goodbye..


Published January 14, 2018 by lamarrwenrich



can you see

can you feel

Just how real..

You set off a dream…

was this a scheme gone awry..

a serious or fatal accident of the heart..

Bearing the casualty of the firestorm brewing within..

I don’t wish you to be an echo of a memory I can never forget

Don’t leave me to it alone

your intentions unknown

let’s share this mishap together –

Think on, consider, conceive the world of a you and a me

feel the flames of my hopes

And the heat of my dreams

Let me singe you with love that is bursting from my seams..

It’s okay, it’s alright – I’ve got you in my sights

dupe me, trick me, just don’t lose me

for I’m M.I.A. in the games you play…

Dust in the wind..

Published August 4, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

The feel so real
The fine powder of you covering me
dust in the wind
nerve endings fire up with the scent..
familiar connective tissues back to life
the debri of we falling back into a stable arrangement of lifelong hopes & dreams..
Yet the dusting of you never settles
as the gust blows through me
A cold blast of wind rips through my heart
pulling you from me
as I clutch on to the remnants of what was..

Deafening Sounds..

Published June 25, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

Who made these sounds the ruler of her heart..

wondering where it began

what is the purpose of those words spoken..

Each syllable slamming into her like an explosion of shards..

Her emotions flying in every direction 

the aftermath unthinkable 

ripping her apart 

The stain runs deep 

Her hands tarnished picking up the pieces 

cleaning up the hurts 

The mess has beat her mind numb

Her heart bleeds 

and the truth spills all over it..

It’s never enough for him 

She never has been..

She sits in the darkness waiting for the light 

hoping to understand the words that dictate her heart..


Published February 3, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


My love filled you
Soothed you held you
But so quickly you would forget
Kisses hugs gentle words sad words
begging pleading crying
Trying to love the violence out of you..
You said over and over
It is done – last time
Love is it
All we need
It was the master plan to healing all things..
all things but you
Oh how I wanted to believe
You’ve wrung me dry
Hung me out and watched me die
Each hurt hitting so hard
So forceful – I couldn’t get up..
This is the day
You’re on your own
What will you do without your punching bag
Icicles now fall from my eyes
My love turning cold turning to hate..
Take a look inside of me now
Where is she
That girl who gave you her heart
With a love so pure
It rocked your world
You won’t leave her be
Can’t set her free
You just didn’t see
The congealing of her heart




Published October 15, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

She knew how to fall in love without trying
Like breathing air..
It was all around her
Traipsing about as it
Drew her in
Filling her with new life
As she opened up to it..
One moment after another
She absorbed him a little more
Each moment sweeter than the one before..
No more walls between them
Heart completely opened Soul Bared
Vulnerable safe exhilarated frightened
She broke all her rules for him
Something about it all
Making her want to stay..
for him she risked it all
Foolish? crazy?
All worth it..
Now what..
She feels the change
Knew it all along really
Said it could never be..
Storm is brewing
Chaotic heart
How Will she survive it?
Eyes wide open as they grew into a We..
Can she watch love die..
She’s not prepared to
He said he’d always catch her..
Haunted by Him
happy moments
The sweetest love
The saddest goodbye..
It will always be You