Published February 3, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


My love filled you
Soothed you held you
But so quickly you would forget
Kisses hugs gentle words sad words
begging pleading crying
Trying to love the violence out of you..
You said over and over
It is done – last time
Love is it
All we need
It was the master plan to healing all things..
all things but you
Oh how I wanted to believe
You’ve wrung me dry
Hung me out and watched me die
Each hurt hitting so hard
So forceful – I couldn’t get up..
This is the day
You’re on your own
What will you do without your punching bag
Icicles now fall from my eyes
My love turning cold turning to hate..
Take a look inside of me now
Where is she
That girl who gave you her heart
With a love so pure
It rocked your world
You won’t leave her be
Can’t set her free
You just didn’t see
The congealing of her heart



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