Published December 12, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


She sits alone unaware lost
only seeing darkness surrounding her..
until she realizes she is squinting
Beams of golden sunlight covering her face
her eyes seeing feeling forcing her out of the abyss..
Bodies are moving
Carefree running wild
smiles laughter
happy moments it seems..
Her eyes suddenly wet
tears springing her to life..
Where did it all go?
Is it true time saps it from us?
Or did she just give it away
Willingly unwillingly unaware
Taking for granted such a gift..
simple Joy
Allowing it to dissipate..
Slowly disappearing like the days of her youth..
Sadness happiness
Hope despair
Trying moments
exhausting ones
impossible ones
giving up
Can’t see past this moment ones..
They hurt
can Break us down
But Only for a moment
it won’t destroy our fight..
Uncertainty can draw out our strength
No matter that fear is intertwined with it..
Untwist your thoughts change up your beliefs
creating new hope
New joys smiles laughter
a carefree heart is born
The gift of loving life takes over
The good moments burying the bad
She wants that..
She shakes loose the dirt she’s been breathing
Leaving the shackles behind
Running wild
Getting lost in those happy moments
One more chance to dream love live again through a young heart..
It’s her story…. She can write a new beginning any time she wants..


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