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Published December 16, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


I don’t need much
I don’t need it all
Just to hang in the backdrop twirling around you
Your splash and color lighting up my world..
But you suck me in
To the very center
Some say you’re dangerous
Others peg you as disastrous
I say wow
My very own dust devil
funneling all that goodness to me
Baby baby baby
You & me
Mad love that makes me crazy
Crazy love that makes me mad..
You are my Whirlwind
Moving and spinning my heart out of control
Spin me till I can’t see straight
I wish to stay in the merry of my heart
Sweetest commotion
surviving the maelstrom of your Fierce love
It’s Explosive
Scorch my heart
Light my fire over&over..