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Dancing through it..

Published December 25, 2015 by lamarrwenrich


With every broken mile she walked
She melded into the very ground below her..
Anguish & despair burying her deeper with each step
Hopelessness scratched and clawed until She was raw numb..
Unsure what she believed
A strong mind pressing on
She kept reaching out..
Like a lost child
afraid – yet certain something worthwhile awaited her..
Innocence still breathing within her heart
searching for her own something
She wished for more
She wished to be loved
Wished to believe it tangible..
Unsure of what ‘it’ really meant
She danced through her tears..
That Flicker of hope setting ablaze a wild fire in her..
she knew what her something was..
It is She
She is the real thing
She will be stubborn love refusing to believe she has no place
It is real and can be rough
but the music beckons her..
As she tentatively sways to the sound
She feels gentle hands wrap around her face
This is for you
You are worth it
There is a place for She..