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Mad Hope

Published April 8, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Self destruction..
Pain unleashed like no other..
every word a strike to her raw nerves
Every fiber of her being exposed.. Rotting from the inside out..
Tweaked Love wrapped in hate sadness anger
ripping its’ way through her heart..
Decaying slowly
Nobody sees, nobody knows the depth of misery she trudges through
The light in her eyes turned off leaving her to live in the shadows of what was..
Dark skies all around as she grasps about looking to find herself
He loved her till she was no more..
Too caught up, to blind to see she was living in his debris
Her tired heart still beats for him
as if she never knew that
Loving him was the beginning of the end..



Published April 4, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Blinded by the dazzling currents passing through her
Nothing making sense
seared by the thought of him
Inseparably together is how she feels
Uncertain where reality starts and fantasy ends
Her heart has blurred her mind
They’ve become one
It all looks the same
She wears him and he wears her
Her happiness and elation so quickly deflates.. Knowing they can’t possibly have what they want
Just a beautiful dream growing in them..
unsure & feeling lost
She wants what she imagines
Afraid her imaginings are better than where her feet are planted
Afraid she’s lost perception to truth
She reminds herself to want what she has
No bitter will take root in her
She buries the seed that has sprouted
closing herself to it
No matter that she envisions his skin next to hers
Her eyes cast down
Heavy with dreams she sighs,
So much wanting to make him mine she cries..
Her Untamed heart bleeding for him..
She will leave his colors behind
Knowing where she was is beautiful..




Published April 1, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

Mesh with me
Let’s scare away the ghosts that roam our hallways
Dust off the webs that have spun around our bed..
Let’s bring it to life with passion, we aren’t dead
Open those shut eyes
We’ve lived between the lines long enough
Time to walk on top
run into each other
And let those closed doors fly open – the floodgates released
Our storm is raging
The winds blowing
Howling to us
Our hearts need not be numb any longer
Let’s be messy in love
Downright dirty
Strip us bare, no more hiding
discover what it is that belongs to you&me
I’m not afraid to flow with new tides – wash ashore with me
Let’s get grounded
Start anew
We’ve been out of sync far too long
Let’s dovetail this perfect fit.