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the quiet of my heart..

Published September 9, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

robbing the very heart you fill
stealing me away
Breathing you in
a breathtaking win..
it’s the last exhale I’ll ever take
staking my claim in this new wake..
in the quiet of my heart
is a fresh start..
the sun rises in the darkest of places
give in to my love
let it fill empty spaces..
weaving a tapestry of truth
Hard to behold
beguiled fixated
like a rare piece of gold..

Song in the Night

Published April 20, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Soaring to places that just can’t be..
Insane moments
Always surprising
catching me off guard..
With such words of love
my blushing cheeks respond
in awe of your tenderness bestowed upon me
Impossibly always new to my heart
ever growing
in this world of our mad love
You speak the language of my soul
You’ve moved my mind up
Releasing a new kind of
happy in me
Moments with you always will be one of life’s greatest mysteries
a magical garden bursting into life
I see it all in your eyes
my love will never dull
flourishing in you
You’ve restored a new me that only you can bring
No longer walking through the garden alone
You’ve given me song in the night
My soul will always sing..


Eyes of Her Heart

Published May 11, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Her face drenched with tears upon opening her eyes..
heart in a panic as She looked around reaching out to touch his cheek..
So unsure how to set him free..
Pain searing throughout her body
Realizing the good bye would only be words
Knowing He would always be alive within her..
A love like no other
To raw to be real
Was she dreaming?
A love with no name..
It has weaved itself in and out of her life all its’ days..
The taste of it
All consuming..
Awake Asleep makes no difference..
There he is in her head
Such a power over her
No matter which way She turns..
Beautiful in the sweetest way
Unnerving –
Too much power over ones’ mind heart and soul..
Without warning
what began long ago evolved into a life of its’ own..
Surrendering to it all – impossible not to fall..
Living a rare love
Feeling every breath thought and emotion he has within him..
Lost completely to his mind
His being
His love..
The dream began..