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Perfectly Flawed

Published April 19, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Let me love you imperfectly so I can love you completely
Letting go of imaginings that hold me back
So lovely to free-fall into our perfect circle of unknown..
ever-changing wildly crazy
Solid moments of you
My best days are my days with you
For some, they wander in search of it all their days
For others, they know love is simply lost
And sadly – some just don’t believe..
Though we fade in&out and back again, We are always there- can’t be denied
Like that well worn chair..
Sometimes misplaced but never forgotten
and when you rediscover the simple pleasure of curling up and enjoying it again – you know you are where you belong..
Not a beat of my heart would exist, without the thought of you
I will chip away every brick and every stone that holds you back
No walls no fears no
Submit to my flawed love
This is one imperfection worth the troubles
Let me shatter my love over you..