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Storm of Love

Published April 9, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Rough, wild, turbulent waves
magnificent to watch..  beautiful like your love
Unknown and full of surprises
Bringing to shore all its’ hidden treasures
Splashing out of control
crashing into me until I no longer see
eclipsing the old, setting me free
Refreshing my mind
cleansing my soul
creating desires I never knew
No more existing below in murky dark waters
Im walking on colorless transparent vivid as can be
This beautiful sea..
Your words of care
Flowing in and out of me
Drenching me in a storm of love
The sound of you rushing through me
sweetest vibrations to my soul
I am sated in your love
Drown me in it
Let it wash me clean



Published August 12, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

I believe in him
His person
His words
His smile
As time moves on in its’ hurried way –
Time stands still when we share our thoughts – out loud or in our silent way
Always growing
Always talking
Always listening
I hear excitement love loyalty genuine interest in his words
Keeps me coming back for more
Wanting to know the stirrings of his heart moment by moment
Invested in what makes him tick love laugh
He lights up my day
Making my world a happy one
Something in his eyes makes me want to lose myself in him
Our love began the day we met..



Published March 2, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Precious unappreciated fast furious slow tedious boring exciting scary wonderful sad happy lonely exhilarating
Perfectly imperfect…
Flying past us
walking through it – grasping onto the moments we cherish
running from the ones that leave us bewildered
daring to hope&believe the best is yet to come
be open to the unexpected
no one moment is wasted
Learn from all of it
after all it becomes a part of us..
for better or worse we become those moments
wearing them like skin..
So pay attention to the present
rejoice in the grace that covers us..
Be open&honest to you
Therein lies the peace the quiet and joy of your moments✨