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Setting We free..

Published December 11, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


that battle is fierce between me, myself and I..

Is she more than me..


Here there and everywhere..

or broken pieces scattered about..

am I still free to just be?

Or am I her she and we – and me is lost in between..

The thoughts rage on..

Why does one self insist it is better than the other?

It is plain and simple and beautiful and complex

Quite wonderful really..

That mind

Those thoughts..

they are everything –

so powerful and full of wonder..

Love and every good thing come from it,

filtering through my body – making me who she ought to be..

It is my mind that wakes me, shakes me, catapulting me into another orbit – capturing my attention and sends my heart soaring..

so powerful to learn that self-love is more than just a feeling..

I am grateful that while I see the rain

she sees the rainbow..

I realize how much I like her and

The innocence of hope is restored for all of me


I wish to be her, she, me and we..

Want what you want But…

Published August 12, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

a work of love in progress
That’s what we are❤️
be good be kind be gentle love You
No one does it better
Searching yearning seeking
In every other place
Trying to fill that void
It will leave you empty Unsatisfied & unhappy
Blinding you from truths
Binding you up
Shutting out your own joys
Want what you want
But love what you have
Love who you are
Sets you Free to love others
Love just to love
Surrender to it
So much fun it is..
An unending journey
After all
It is always changing
Don’t miss out on your own life
It is full of Sweet surprises in the most unlikely places🌟