In the Shadows

Published March 27, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Shadows of you in the sun
images dancing in my thoughts
seared in my mind
Carved in my heart
Wind blows and wraps me in your touch
The river flows in you and out to me watering my soul
You are everywhere
and no where
So far away missing you
my mind has succumbed to its’ own world.. One where it’s you&I..
It is most beautiful
Find me in it
no lonely moments
as we stroll hand in hand
Togetherness is all I’m after
Can you hear my mind screaming your name
Words fall through me as I shout it out
Can’t see where you’re coming from
Or what you’re running to
My heart is out there
Today and every day
waiting In the shadows for your touch..



19 comments on “In the Shadows

  • There is a wonderful beauty that I exhale from my lungs after reading your words, they dance within a lasting air of serenity which massages my spirit.! You are a true poet of the highest order, and your heart speaks it romantic truth so very well! Hugs my dear sister for your blessing!

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