Intuitive Knowing

Published March 11, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Did I exist with you in another time
spending moments of wonder
Lost in the passions of our minds
consumed with the feel of one another
intermingling body mind soul
It’s much more than love that absorbs my being
It’s Deeper.. cutting through me
each sensation a wound
exhilaratingly painful
releasing you more & more into my core
Until I exist no more
I’ve become you
I’m opened
exposed bare naked vulnerable..
It is unsettling destabilizing ungrounding
I wish to remain so
Enticing.. Wanting only us
Hungry for more of you
Such a feeling without words
I sense you in everything
I taste you
I see you without image
I touch you without touch
the essence of you inhabiting me
I am done
Back to where it all begun..



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