Pour It Out

Published March 9, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


We all got something..
it’s hidden inside
or hanging out on display
Loud or quiet
we are all the same
Let’s own up to it
Stop hating
Let’s walk in love and cover one another
Let it flow from you
Pour it out
Self absorption buries us
Oppressing us
Shed the layers
Let’s walk naked
Your frame will be made whole
Break free with me
The common denominator is me
it’s you it’s us it’s we
Turn around and let’s love from the inside out..


12 comments on “Pour It Out

  • Absolutely love this. Carrying out actions from the core of our being is the best way to live. Its truly an authentic life. Love how you opt to shed the hate, which far too many people focus on, and also stirs division, and seek something better, something greater.

    Love really is what helps us evolve. And its not just about being lovey-dovey, but about just doing the right thing. Being kind, an whatnot. But you know that. Still, hopefully this resonates with folks.

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