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Let It Rain

Published July 23, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


She knows what’s at stake..
fear will not own her
she readies herself..
Bundling up for the storm that life has set before her
shuddering at the very thought of giving in..
Losing hope – the wonder of life
For without it she will cease to exist..
That will not happen
She will grow in the downpour
Standing strong
remaining curious
That thought makes her smile
It is a beautiful word
always wondering
always growing
She will remain loud
For her bones will waste away if she stays silent
So let it rain
She is rooted in
This storm will not shake her


Fragile Strength

Published March 29, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Finish me..
Don’t leave me hanging
blind me
gouge them out as you have my heart
rather than watch you leave
Turn me off
Won’t go back to life without you
I’ll never see clearly again
a fragmented existence
Without color without love
Just Erase me..
It is not living
You are my sun in the sky
There will be no new dawn
Shine on me don’t leave me dark
I’m So easily forgotten
Your memory won’t die
Your fingertips..softest caresses of happiness
That beautiful touch now wounding
Maiming me beyond recognition
You’re sharpening the knife
Will I be your sacrifice?…
Twist it in slowly
Give me time to breath with holes as i grasp reality..
Better yet Let’s pretend
raise my hope
I’ll take your truth and twist it into my truth until it becomes our truth..
Our love is as deep as the sea
Oh what we could be
If you would just see
We are strong in We
Let’s begin anew
Just me and you..