Her Own Story

Published March 21, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


All the dreams inside her broke..
Too big to be true
She deemed herself not worthy.. She was not to be one of those people..
What people exactly – she questioned over and over..
You know- she answered- the ones that walk through life with all the answers.. the seemingly perfect ones..
Silence loomed as she waited answers on life.. The white noise scared her knowing she had no clue what she was waiting for..longing for or seeking.. The journey seemed overwhelming.. There were no written instructions or guidelines just this big hole that kept sucking her in..
she couldn’t see what others saw, blinded by her shaded eyes nor could she hear the love that surrounded her, buried so deep in her own words of self-doubt.
Yet she was multitudes of beauty.. so much she gave to others by just being her..
deep within she shined and it poured out everywhere on everyone..
Berating herself for being fickle and fearful she looked inward and heard her heart dying..
finding it treacherous that she didn’t respect herself
She set out to change that..
no longer would she wait for some miracle to happen
It struck her that the miracle was hers to create any way she wished.. With a clean slate and opened mind she was willing to embrace the complexity of the unknown..
she would strive to know herself
No longer willing to be what she thought she should be
She was ready to let her own story be written
embracing the chaos with excitement
she walked away from all the questions and found her exclamation point to life..



12 comments on “Her Own Story

  • i read in history – to restore peace there were wars – even now there is war, conflict, fighting, bloodshed, etc …. i see all around the globe …. but still peace is restored and change is bought as a result – even in our life i see the same – chaos – everyday of our life – but still ……

    embracing the chaos with excitement
    she walked away from all the questions and found her exclamation point to life..


    i loved it a lot – inspired me to walk with the chaos and write my own story to be “eos”.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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