Free to be..

Published November 7, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Held down no more..
Love actually sets us free
Free to be who we are
Free to love without fear
Love is limitless
and its’ joy cannot be contained..
there is no controlling love
Only protecting it – growing with it – changing bending and flowing with it
It runs through our being and becomes us
It causes me to go deep into my soul – see where I’m growing or standing still
I wish to never be flippant about something so treasured, unique and valued
There is no price or way to measure the beauty of love and how it fills ones’ heart..
There is also no greater tragedy than when love is allowed to become a weapon..
it can twist destroy and kill one inside causing utter destruction
Leaving such chaos in its’ wake..
Unchain yourself
Walk free in all that is yours to be
Guard what is yours
for there is no greater gift than love for you and me..


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