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Free in Love

Published January 9, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Heart throbbing
been set free in
He is Captivated addicted
no longer caring about anything or anyone
Only Her..
perfection is all he sees as she
Moves about In her not so graceful way
Her clumsy beauty endearing her to him
Admiration that keeps growing
A new beginning
limitless love..
she has no idea she makes love to his soul with just a glance
leaves him craving more
She gives him a smile
he catches his breath..
Stunned by the intensity of it all
Her love
flowing from the inside of her
bubbling outward
Radiating her face..
Sparkling out of her bright eyes
casting a glow on her soft porcelain cheeks..
His mind gushes with emotions he can’t contain
moments wrapped up in thoughts of her..
She is everywhere
owning his heart
Bewitched beguiled..
Happy to be caught
Basking in the warmth of his deep affection for her
Open to a lifetime
There is no love without freedom..