Bleed for You

Published January 6, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Cuts through to my core
Ripping me apart..
I wish to be whole
Begging my heart
pleading with my mind
to no longer feel you..
I hurt everywhere
even my smile aches
The pain staggering
till I’m certain my teeth are stained red
Bleeding for you..
What does it mean..
I feel it as my fingers touch you
Recoiling at the hurt anger
Betrayal of our forever..
It only takes a moment
before memories come seeping in through my fingertips as ours hands entwine..
Your magic grasping my heart
gathering its’ shredded pieces
my tears falling so fast
the pain is forgotten
in the salty wet mess my face has become..
same difference
I want you I need you
Our love is rare
Kiss me deeply
Take me back to our moments
where I’m adored cherished and loved..
Bury my loneliness in your heart
In you I’m whole
I’ll bleed for you




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