Published January 6, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


You stormed through my world
An indomitable force
gentle kind&full of life
an invincible fierce kind of love
Owning me at once
I am lost in your eyes
mine will never shut again
Like a lamp being turned on
Eclipsing all darkness
You light up my heart
Senses memorizing you
In Blissful Detail
the warmth of your skin
the rhythm of your breath
The touch of your lips
ears tingling at the sound of you
That voice
the melody my mind unwinds to
Brushing your fingers over my heart like strumming a guitar
merging my soul to yours until we are one..
It is you I long for
you I wish to enjoy life with
You are the one I adore
The one I love
The one my heart beats for..
You will always be my weakness making me strong..



16 comments on “Invincible

  • Oh this was wonderful. There were so many incredible lines, your eyes never shutting, the merging of the souls. Oh this was sweet. This inspires me with my own desire to write poetry of love. And by the way that last line “You will always be my weakness making me strong.” PERFECT.

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