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Just Before the Dawn

Published January 13, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


You are My rays from the sun..
Waves of euphoria sweeping over me
This skin I’m all wrapped up is melting from the heat of your love
Feels nothing like myself
Love has swept through me
Not the sell your soul to the devil kind of love
No.. The kind you’re hoping to never wake up from..
Hauntingly good
Didn’t know I was lost
you found me
And gave me back myself..
My own strength to stand on
Your love my foundation
So subtle..
small ray of light filling my soul
lighting up my world..
My dawn of the night
Breaking through.. casting your glow of love all over me
I am fascinated as I watch myself fall deeper in love
Irresistible beautiful
Held captive by the twilight of you.