Published January 20, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


It began on that knoll..
Too good to be real
Too real to be true..
Feeling his smile from afar as she drives up
She feels herself flush
Colors changing quickly on her face – her heart banging against her chest so loudly she is certain he can hear it..
He is at her side in seconds
Brave strong commanding in presence
Gentle in his touch
His soft lips graze hers
She never takes her eyes off of him as he softly strokes her face
Drinking him in..
The Electricity between them palpable
who knew such a connection
The coupling of two souls could exist without them being aware of it until this moment..
A simple hello
Started a fire that can’t be quenched
A hunger to know more
A mind eager to be filled with words from him..
Only he will do..
The unknown
Anticipation excitement
Her heart racing in ways she didn’t know existed
The wonderment of each other
Tripping over words
Speaking out of turn
Her eyes searching his
Seeking out truths
She needs to know what she is doing
His eyes bore holes through to her soul As he fixates on her
reading her mind
Drawing her in
What is happening
Confusion excitement bewilderment
how she could have such emotions for him..
This thing.. A friendship missed in all those many moments of life
And now exploding into a thing.. She was at a loss to label it
Words evade her
No way to know or imagine such an innocent beginning could cause such a fever within her..
Stop this she says over&over to herself
Wake up open your eyes..
She can no longer hear herself
Slipping away she feels him invading her piece by piece
as if her person knew something she didn’t
There will be no turning back
No undoing what is happening to her mind heart and body..
Every part of her wanting to know every part of him
Vulnerable scared thrilled
Scarcely breathing
She knows she’ll be his
He caresses her with his love
She is filled with the light of it..
Arms gently wrapping around her
He fills her mind with his words
He steals her heart with his tenderness
He owns her body with his touch..
She willingly gives all that she is to have all that is him..


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