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Published January 17, 2016 by lamarrwenrich

feeling it
I reach out to grab it
I know it’s there
I feel your breath
hear your laugh
see your smile
Awake asleep
real time..
You are there
Imaginings in my head
wistful heart
hanging on to its’ dreamcatcher hopes
believing emotions like this could never fade..
Bursting forth like flowers in spring
It flourishes
it does so all on its’ own..
No place to call its’ home
No one to tend to it
No one to shelter it
Protect it guard it
grow it..
It is so real
The roaring of its’ love heard in all its’ silence
The beating of my heart
giving it strength & life..
Desire and passion
growing stronger with each breath
Waiting to be one with you
Illogical non-rational is the You rooted deeply within me..