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Never Alone

Published July 11, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Curling up beside you
Drawing you close
Praying my strength into your bones
Breathing deeply for you
Wishing you whole
Willing all my love to wrap around you as tightly as my arms
That you might feel the love
That it might give you peace
Fill you with hope
Give you the fight so you may endure what’s before you
Put your hands in mine
Let me be the vine that intertwines your heart soul and mind – guarding&protecting
I will hold you up when you can no longer stand
Wear the pain you can no longer bear
Cover you in love when you no longer care
I can’t fix what I can’t fix
But I can promise you this
You will never be in this alone
For I am bringing you home


Loved Her Scars..

Published November 2, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

His love roared
Louder than her tears
Softening her fears
Drowning out the demons that clawed at her..
until they lost their grip on her heart..
Tattered no more
The beat of his heart
covering her
The breath of his love enveloping her
Healing her
Nourishing her soul..
filling her mind as she grasped her frailties and fears did not make up the sum of her..
little did she know they only added to the magic of her
A heart so real so raw
You could not help but love her..
He knew she only needed a glimpse of true love’s light..
A love so bright
It would vanish the hurts that buried her heart mind and soul
He chose to love her in ways she never knew
He loved her scars..
She chose to believe
The desires of her heart set free
never to walk it alone again..