Changing Winds..

Published November 13, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

To want him like him love him
was altogether wonderful..
needing him
Well.. That takes her breath away
Suffocating the truth can be..
never knowing the pain of such loneliness
heart slamming the wall
slowly painfully covering every inch as it shatters
Into shards so fine
She can’t feel it..
questioning the existence of it..
Fierce Winds keep blowing bits&pieces of that love every which way
So scattered weather-beaten
It vanishes into thin air
She trips about grasping for remnants of that sweet love..
It leads to no where
As if it never was..
It’s time
A moment that defines her
She takes a deep breath
trying to fill up her hollow heart..
Too many holes as she realizes
They never were..


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