Ignited Bones

Published November 6, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

day in day out
clock always moving
with much the same..
No better no worse really..
No man’s land
We can almost forget we exist there
Until we can’t
that ever-present familiar angst rolling over us again
We are grateful for these moments I tell myself..
yet waiting hoping
hungry and anxious for better days
Feels like no one is listening
The days are not miserable
Only hard..
Crushing to watch him bear it all
He aches to wake whole
We ache with him for him..
Watching him fight for
Yearn for normal life..
disruptive uncomfortable physically and emotionally..
While i watch helplessly
No saving no rescuing..
He goes it alone moment by moment in his mind..
Never really alone
Love fuels his weary bones
While he searches for energy to do more than survive..
Without flinching
Even in the thick Of crazy
Though he trips
Arms of love grab him
Right back up he goes
moving forward
Refusing the dark
never giving up
Always believing
Always hoping
He finds his purpose in the moment
Falling back into life and loving what’s before him..


7 comments on “Ignited Bones

  • I feel what your heart is expressing when two are one. I think that is what my spirit is capturing from your poem… here is one for both of you. Hope you birth a smile!

    Always Together

    When by God two are brought together
    They become one for an endless time
    Nothing can ever come between them
    As their union is blessed by the Divine

    And no matter what occurs in their lives
    The good, the bad and the in-between
    Never a day will they ever be separated
    For they are equal parts of a coin it seems

    And their special love becomes more precious
    As each day together their blessing is shared
    Finding even when not physically together
    The other’s love will always remain near

    For their hearts will beat as one together
    In a very special way only God had in mind
    Jointly their lives will remain inseparable
    Even far beyond their bodies passing times

    Selfless love is an eternal gift of a loving God
    And just like His love in our lives always stays
    When we find two destined to be one mutually
    Their feelings will blossom in priceless ways

    Each day they will feel a very special anointing
    While their hearts fill with each other’s love
    And as God keeps watch over their life together
    His blessings will always continue from up above.

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