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My Heart to Yours..

Published October 24, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Could say goodbye a million different ways
A million different times
It’s only words..
Never is there a way to let go
Hole in my heart
Hangs on to our feelings..
Searching looking for that hope
A lifeline of any kind
Funny thing.. I’ll always be there
Wherever you are
Wherever you aren’t
Unsure if you’re ever coming back
Can’t stop the swelling of my eyes..
Is it possible to lose yourself to someone and not lose your way
Don’t know that it is..
Don’t know I want to be found
Lost in the magic of you
What a gift your love is was has been..
To yearn crave dream you
Thrills me hurts me fills me completes me..
Our love has always been
It will always be
The unknown
Covering the space that separates us❤️