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Set You Free

Published May 13, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


My heart will call it a day..
Listened very closely
heard a soul crying out
And realized it is my own
all alone..
You have moved on
Leaving me behind
I don’t belong here any more
love so easily turned off and on at will it seems..
Did I not permeate your soul
Your being as you did mine..
Or did I live this love on my own wishing what I see to be the truth that I dream..
Just Couldn’t be..
For you see
My heart has grown – it’s been set free
My once shut eyes
Can finally see
My ears alive – dancing to the beat
My life full – richer because of you..
So in my pain
I see all I’ve gained
My broken heart overflowing with love that can’t be contained..
With all my strength I’ll let you be
I’ve set you free
As you did me..