Timeless Moments

Published May 18, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Anticipation – one of a kind I never knew
Imagination going wild
excitement about the unknown known
Tired feet happy heart achy body
so in love with the love spreading through me
And just like that
I am forever changed..
In an Instant
a new heart I bare
each tear filled with you&I
A hush falls over me awestruck, captivated
Enthralled by the ball of joy in my arms..
Feeling lost for a moment, tinged with sadness
a jealousy that I must share this oneness with the world
and exhilarated to show off my gift
Pink baby toes
Wiggly chubby fingers
tickles giggles and fresh baby smells..
cutest bald head to wisps of hair
babbling to talking
Crawling to running
Wanting to please me to shutting me out and back again
Treasured moments teaching you.. watching you grow in size wisdom and love
Priceless ones realizing you taught me back and you taught me well..
How to love unconditionally
How to walk through hurts pains as well as happy –
through it all
love remains the same..
Moments I wish to freeze
wrapping my arms around it
forever frozen in time
It warms my heart..
A love that will stand the test of time and beyond..
You are my story of life


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