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Raise Your Glass

Published May 20, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Crushing to watch it disappear
evaporating into thin air as if it never was..
Oh how I had pictured our moments..
One after the other
never ending..
A love that would finally get the time to be.. to share, to grow, absorbing each other until our breath was one..
We’d only just begun before it was done
I imagined a slowing of time
Staying put awhile
It was not to be
Couldn’t keep you still
We were Beautiful..
why does this darkness feel like it has covered us in filth
overshadowing the light that lit my way
You made all my crooked paths straight
With purpose.. meaning..
So hard to breathe now
This chokehold will never release me
I don’t wish to be
Your ghost I want to always see
Human fingerprints permanent stains
leaving their marks of love all around
When the sun goes down on us and there’s no turning back
I hope you raise your glass to all that was and your heart is set free
Should you turn around and reach for me
I’ll always be a breath away from wherever you will be..