Bend with Me

Published July 13, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

With you without you
Here yet gone
I get it
I see it
I feel it
I know it
Everything is nothing now
It’s empty lonely scary confusing
I’m lost
Feeling the chill through to my bones
Missing the smile
the laughs &
gentle touches
The peaceful silence
Sharing space
Sweetest times I’ve known
Small things that make it so special
Where did it all go..
Trying to explain it to myself
Make sense of it
But it is all in vain..
the perfect that was going to last a lifetime
gone in a moment..
Didn’t know I could be so broken
Funny how you still take my breath away..
So alive So real
I’ll stay
I’ll fight
I’ll push&pull
I’ll bend your way
Making new stories
Our stories
Make my heart soar ❤️


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