Quiet Strength

Published August 9, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

So quiet.. nothingness all around her
Lost for a moment
She slips
Void of words emotions thoughts
She feels it coming
And remembers to breathe
Choosing her thoughts with care
Knowing it becomes her..
It is within her – this she knows
she is strong
In spite of an Unpredictable life
Always moving
always changing
She finds It in the air she breathes
Her breath no longer shallow
Lungs yearning for life
The choice is hers
Always has been
Always will be
Opening her eyes
She sees
And All the stars couldn’t contain her now
It is real
No matter how far she falls
She can always get back up
Or How deep the wound
It will heal..
Her dreams didn’t vanish
Only faded..
She realizes God has many ways of fulfilling them
It’s okay knowing not what those ways are..
It is well with her soul💕image

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