Doesn’t mean Goodbye..

Published September 6, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

You are me
I am you
How do I move on
Deep inside my bones you live
How can I move on
You’re more than just a name
A memory … Words
You are love
My love
In a moment it all changed
I cried out your name
Only Silence cried back
Not able to hear you
Feel you
untouchable you’ve become
Yet Your presence so alive in me
you are gone I must be reminded
A truth I wish to ignore
Life will not let me
Moments come and go without you
Life Happening all around me
In those moments I feel you gently slipping away
Helping set me free..
Kind unselfish love you are
Always were..
Fears & questions your love is releasing me from..
Your love quieting the chaos of my heart
Your love letting me go to live again..
love again
Another chance at life
So much I learned from you
I’m not losing you for a second time
You are still here
In my heart my mind my soul
Standing at the end of my life
We will always be ❤️


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