Silent Uproar

Published November 30, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

the sounds hold me tight..

their words – in the still of night are reassuring-

Letting me know I’m not alone..

No madness here

in the dark..

Within the recesses of my mind

my world is perfect..

You wrangle to pull me free because you cannot see the beauty of my bedlam..

People milling about –

always in a frenzied state.. it’s you who live in mayhem..

while my feet shuffle me peacefully to my unknown..

Cars whiz past me heading to their destinations..

All of you living lies,

all of you lost in the rat race – the human race..

my eyes shade me from the harm you mean for me

My mind – my protector covers me..

All the while you tell me it is madness to fall into the arms of the street..

I have no time to waste – trying to arrive to my place

I will celebrate the pandemonium my own way..

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