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Wears it Well..

Published June 28, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Only what he lets them see
Is what they believe to be truth..
Or is it only that they choose to see what feels safe?..
Nothing is as it should be
How should it be exactly?..
He can’t let them down
Questions loom
Answers lost
Pressures build
His smile is tight
His eyes are dull
The shine lost in the turmoil of pretend
Yet He speaks the right words
His actions mirroring those of all things good
He can’t let truths be known he feels alone
He lets no one in as the day fades..
Charade continues
Yet Truth is blaring
No denying it..
It’s another day
Mask in place
His smile saying he’s fine
His eyes guarded
Much ground to cover
Many moments to live..
The sun is shining
As this hero steps into his shoes
And he wears them well..