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Published August 19, 2015 by lamarrwenrich

Can’t escape it
It follows
Alive within
Push Pull Push Pull..
Always battling
the mind&heart..
The heart wants what the heart wants
The mind knows what the mind knows
Who do you believe?..
Shouldn’t be afraid..
Shouldn’t be so unsure..
Not used to living there..
questioning things
life always lived in an open book kind of way
and happily..
This new chapter has changed it all up
Without order..
Where did it start
Is there an ending?
So many questions
Jagged thoughts
I don’t know what it all means..
I do know it doesn’t stop here
I do know how I choose to see it is a choice
I will choose to listen carefully
Hear The laughter
See the beauty
feel the peace
Live the hope
Smile at my fears
rendering them powerless
The battle is worth it***