Published March 3, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Seconds that startled my heart
moments I can’t explain
began with an unsuspecting glance which became a smile exploding into a story of fascination..
You spoke –
A simple ‘Darling’…
romantic word of old
With such emotion
unfiltered passion exuding from you
It revealed untold secrets of you to my soul
Something about you so undisciplined
Absolutely wild..
I could not help myself
My heart skipped a beat
I could hardly breathe
I was pulled in
I knew there was something there just for me
the sweetest sound my ears ever felt
It spoke to me and me alone..
sensations of love causing me to tremble..
You sent my imagination flying
Painted pictures with your breath
Moments disappeared
And you with them..
my heart left hanging but never more alive than in that space in time..
So much left unsaid..
untapped passion
I’ll give you me
You give me you
I’m wanting to be consumed
I’ll be right here waiting
I got nothing but time darling..





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