Is He Mine

Published July 10, 2016 by lamarrwenrich


Without any answers..
realizing there aren’t solutions for every situation
So caught up in him in ways I can’t explain
I look in the mirror trying to find me or is it him I see
Quite certain his face overshadows mine just like his heart eclipsed my own making my heart his home
I don’t know what I see looking back at me
A reflection I’m not so sure of anymore
so captivated by him
didn’t know any of this could be
He brushes my hair..
He holds my hand
I’m afraid..
I don’t share our moments
They are mine to cherish
So precious so sweet
Such love
So fragile..
I feel the delicate edges surrounding us
Knowing we can crumble at any time
Unsure how to protect what isn’t mine
I will fight with all my might
To guard what has become my treasured delight



6 comments on “Is He Mine

  • This gets to the deep buried roots of love’s overwhelming power; its uncertainty, its fragility and even its madness. Remarkably beautiful. ‘I look in the mirror trying to find me or is it him I see’ stopped my heart in frozen recognition. Thank you.

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