sum of its’ parts..

Published December 19, 2022 by lamarrwenrich

every crevice
stained with love
open vulnerable
reveling in our space..
creating and filling gaps
we’re revealing
weaving together
the tiniest of loosened threads
least they come undone..
unwilling to unravel
any part of what’s begun..
bigger than the sum of its’ parts
moments making us whole
sharing hearts
sealing the fabric of time
that has made you mine..


8 comments on “sum of its’ parts..

  • the phremone
    but driven to your arms
    by your looks and charms
    other ayes
    no need asking why
    the way you walk and talk
    the way things cling
    to your curves
    and being
    the essence
    of oooh yeah
    i belong
    with ye

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