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Published December 6, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

What a delightful sound

It is beautiful to my heart..

i love the beat of yours..

thrumming a melody no one can hear..

the ins & outs of your innocent mind wow me

It’s so wildly different

A unique piece of art that makes up you

May no one change a thing about you

May you never fall victim to that

Though some may find you monotonous and

Some may find you ever-changing

just know your kind of perfection is hard to find..

Rare beautiful hope..

Untouched you shall remain –

continue on in your own enchanting, rhythmic hum..

It is a chant no one can compare..

Extraordinary 🌟

Published April 18, 2015 by lamarrwenrich
Extraordinary 🌟
It’s Magic love madness
It’s Stolen kisses
Wild Crazy
Lost moments 
Happy moments 
Sad moments 
Dancing heart soaring with love moments 
Burning inside your chest 
Felt to the depth of your soul moments 
Shared with the one you love❤️