Published June 21, 2013 by lamarrwenrich

We are unique–wonderfully and purposely created in His image. The love and connection cannot be denied. Girlfriends walk through life together – no matter the distance. Our hearts interwoven like silk thread…intricately meshed together creating a beautiful, strong, masterpiece of a forever kind of love; perfectly imperfect. We always know the other is there. Such freedom in this kind of love…unconditional.

Girlfriends: we break the rules for one another, defend, cry, laugh and hold each other up.  In our darkest moments, our happiest moments,  our scariest moments, our joys, our heartbreaks–we are there. The loyalty and bond-unquestionable…support and commitment is forever.  Our lives are full, blessed and busy: husbands, lovers, children and jobs, yet how empty it would be without you. No one can take the place of my girlfriends. Just like my family–you live forever in my heart. Sisterchicks***

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