Battles of the heart..

Published March 25, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

you walk a path that is yours alone..
one that has spun out of control
Inner demons ruling your mind while you struggle to break free..
let us take the fear, the pain and the demons away
we won’t let them stay..
find the reasons
Hold on to them tight
this is your fight
Forgive yourself
it was not, is not yours to carry
you’re living in bondage..
a sad empty broken place of untruths in your mind and heart..
Depleting you of a satisfied soul.. therein lies that beautiful peace you’re seeking..
I feel the battles of your heart
Let’s fight harder
We won’t turn away
We won’t give up on you today
You are perfectly wonderfully made..
Angels are stronger than demons
you will see light in the dark
open up your heart..


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