The many sides of her..

Published April 5, 2017 by lamarrwenrich


The haze is lifting
The picture more clear
Show yourself
Where do you hide..
She hears the silent tears
She feels them too
Trying to follow the ache of sadness.. it’s no where to be found
The image appears
every where she looks..
big brown eyes
full of despair & weariness
looking back
The heaviness sinks in when she finally stops avoiding the shadow
It’s her
She’s been running all her days
the road has been long but
the end is near – the dark is lightening
and she takes deep breaths
realizing memories don’t define her
That first step
so tentative, so shaky
as new life is coming into view..
Who is she
she’s not sure
But She smiles at what She sees
The mirror has shattered
Glass splintered everywhere..
and she sees how wonderful the many sides of her can be..


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