Escape Artist..

Published July 17, 2017 by lamarrwenrich

The stillness surrounds her

It's all familiar as her eyes open 

bringing life to her mind

Her heart hearing the words before they escape his lips..

everything has changed everything remains the same..

all of life's moments filtering through her as she hungrily laps it up 

absorbing every drop 

Ravenous for change 

Clinging to hope 

Believing every moment has its' reason and each step a purpose.. 

the very precipice she teeters at determining whether she flees or stays.. 

Desperate to settle 

anxious for her heart to breathe 

She simply chooses to believe

As if it will all fall into place 

Knowing the highest cliff she could jump from

Is trust 

there's no reason to run anymore 

leaving behind the chains that strangled her heart 

and the handcuffs that bound her tight 

the ropes slip off her feet  

and the old becomes new 

She is confined no more…

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